Shimano Spinning Reel
AX 2500 FB

Shimano Spinning Reel AX2500FB
Shimano AX2500FB Spinning Reel
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Shamino Spinning Reels are hard to beat. Shimano makes everything from freshwater reels for panfish to heavy duty saltwater reels for marlin. They make the top baitcasting reels for tournament bass fishermen. The Shimano AX2500FB is perfect for freshwater trout, bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish and more. Whether you are a child or adult, this is a  great reel. 

Whether you are a father teaching your child how to fish or a grandfather with a grandson, getting them out on the water is all that counts. With a box of worms or a lure casting for bluegill, it is the experience that matters. Make every minute count. 

Shimano Spinning Reel Specifications

  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Bait-Runner Switch
  • Left or Right Hand
  • Strong Drag
  • Drag on Top of Spool
  • Heavy Bail
  • Large Handle
  • 2 Bearings
  • Perfect for Freshwater Trout and Bass

Shimano is an excellent name in fishing reels. This is the perfect reel for beginners as well as seasoned pros. It has everything you need to get the fish back to the boat or shore. 

As a child I used a spincasting reel. When I decided to move up to another type of reel, I looked at a spinning reel. It was one of my dad's old spinning reels and I used it often. It became one of my favorite reels. They are easy to use, easy to cast and are universal for almost every type of fishing. 

It didn't take long to realized that Shimano spinning Reels were top shelf reels. They are not only my favorite, but are being used in every type of fishing, from ice fishing to deep ocean fishing and everything in between. 

Buy Two Or More and Pay Shipping for Only One Reel

For this price you can have many rods and reels set up for catfish or crappie. Cast out the bait and wait for the catfish to take it. You don't need a $100 reel for this. The catfish doesn't know the difference. Set the hook and reel them in. 

Flip the switch on the reel and the fish can swim off with the bait before setting the hook. Flip it again and you have infinite anti-reverse which keeps the spool from going backwards. 

We have only a limited number of these spinning reels. Pick up two or three now while they are available. Once they are gone, they are gone. 

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