Viking Profish GT
The 4WD of Kayaks

Viking Profish GT Kayak - Storm and Daybreak
Viking Profish GT Kayak 12'
Includes Deluxe Seat and 2 Rod Holders
Adjustable Length Touring Paddle
Storm and Daybreak Color

List Price = $1389.00 - Your Price = $1299.00

Please Let Us Know Which Color You Want When Ordering

Viking Kayaks specialize in designing and building the finest fishing kayaks. Born on the island of New Zealand, Viking has earned their place among the finest kayaks. Every Viking kayak must be able to handle the challenges of ocean water off the coast of New Zealand. Can these be used in calm waters? Absolutely! From gentle streams to large lakes and from ocean bays and flats to deep ocean water. 

The Viking GT is the most manuverable and stable kayak in its line up. Just under 12 ft long, it is also the shortest. Designed for people of all ages, the GT is very stable and highly manuverable. In fact, they call it the 4WD kayak. It can turn on a dime, is extremely stable and gets up to speed fast. Please see the video below. 

Due to its width of 32", it is stable enough to stand up in and sight fish. If this is your first time kayaking and are concerned about safety, the GT will help put your fears to rest. In the spring of 2017, one person ordered the outrigger kit because she was afraid of tipping over. I told her to get into the kayak just once, paddle it and see how it feels. I told her if she still felt unsafe, I would install the outriggers on her kayak myself. The outriggers are still in the box and she is loving the GT. So if you are a novice or pro, whether fishing for Redfish in the marsh or fly fishing for trout on a secluded stream, you cannot go wrong with the Viking GT. 

If your fishing preferences take you  to a variety of water types, you will do well to check out the GT. It can handle the demands of breaking though the surf to fish beyond the breakers or handle the twists and turns of Missouri's rivers. The GT is great on big water and easily handles lakes and rivers. 

Professional kayak fishing tournaments are on the rise in the U.S. They range from inland lakes to coastal redfish to ocean sailfish. The right kayak can make it a lot easier. Right now Kayak Bass Fishing is soaring! The Viking Profish GT is up for the challenge and comes with a removable tackle pod that is designed for mounting a fish finder. The underside of the Tackle Pod has been molded to mount the transducer so it safely sits in water.

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