6' Anchor Stick and Leash

Anchor Stick and Leash
Yak-Gear 6' Anchor Stick - FREE 5' Leash
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5' Heavy Duty Anchor Stick Leash
5' Anchor Stick Leash
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6' Yak-Gear Anchor Stick w/ Stainless "D" Ring

Anchor quickly! Pull up and move quickly! Anchor in 5 seconds. The anchor stick and leash is essential gear for every kayak fishermen. The leash attaches to the anchor stick and the other end to the kayak. The leash is thick and strong and will hold you in place in winds, currents, or waves. Better and faster than an anchor and rope in shallow waters.

Bass boats have the expensive "Power Pole" anchoring system for shallow water. It is an electric version of the pole and leash system. The power pole costs in the thousands. This is the manual kayak version that is less than a hundred dollars. Simple and easy anchoring system that is a must for shallow water. 

What is an Anchor Stick?

An anchor stick is a 6' aluminum pole that anchors your kayak in shallow water. It comes complete with an "T" handle on top for pressing into the mud. It also has a Stainless Steel "D" hook for attaching the carabiner. It includes a foam rubber no-slip grip that makes the anchor stick easy to operate with wet hands.

This isn't just for marsh fishermen, although it is absolutely essential for skinny water fishing in marsh or flats. 

The Anchor Stick and Leash are essential equipment for every kayak fisherman. 

Wind and currents can move you off a fishing spot in seconds. When fishing for bass using plastic worms, jigs, etc you will need to be fixed to work the bait properly.

The Yak-Stick is faster and easier to use than an anchor when fishing shallow and will hold you in place much better. When fishing in shallow water, up to 5.5' deep, the anchor stick presses into the mud or sand and holds you in place. Of course, it only works with a leash attached. 

With a little experience, it only takes about 5 to 6 seconds to position the stick and anchor it in the bottom. Then grab you rod and start fishing. You can work the wind to your advantage by pushing the anchor stick in and allowing the wind to push your kayak right into the best casting position.

When anchored, you can cast to structure or the shore. You can throw a net for baitfish, etc. When it is time to move, simply pull up the stick. 

It is also used to anchor your kayak when wade fishing or anytime you are out of your kayak. No need to drag the kayak to shore, just anchor it near you. 

The Anchor Stick Leash

The anchor stick and leash is a matching pair. The 5' anchor stick leash comes with a marine grade polyester jacket. We use polyester because it is the most resistant to the sun's UV rays. The southern rays can destroy materials fast, but polyester is naturally resistant and will last for years. 

The anchor stick leash is nearly 1/2 inch thick and designed for tough situations. You could actually do resistant training exercises with this leash! It's tough and will keep you anchored. 

How to Use the Anchor Stick and Leash

Make sure you have the leash attached to the clip on the anchor stick and the other end to the kayak. You will find the leash easier to attach to the kayak near the seat, possibly on the side carry handle if you have one. When in shallow water, grab your anchor stick and press the stick into the lake or river bottom. 

You can use this to your advantage. The wind or current will push your kayak into the direction of flow. Then you can position your kayak so you can easily cast and cover structure, grass flats, oyster beds or drop off, etc. 

To move to another position, grab the anchor stick leash and pull the kayak over to the anchor stick. Pull up the anchor stick. I attach the anchor stick when not in use to the bungee rod holder on the side of the kayak. If you don't have a bungee rod holder, you can purchase the necessary supplies from us. 

Tip 1: Be careful when pulling up the anchor stick that you pull it up gradually instead of a sharp, fast jerk. If you are new to kayak fishing, slowly pulling up the anchor stick keeps you stable and gives you more confidence in your kayak. 

Tip 2: Although some people place the anchor stick through a scupper hole, it is not recommended that you do that. The scupper hole is reported to be one of the weakest areas on a kayak and the pressure put on the kayak from tides, currents or winds may possiblly damage the kayak. Plus, it can be more difficult to stick and remove the anchor stick due to scupper hole placement.

Shipping Method

We ship this in a 4" X 4" X 6' box Priority Mail 2 - 3 day delivery via the Postal Service. This way it can be delivered to P.O. Boxes, street addresses, military bases or any place the postal service delivers to. 

Outside of the U.S. please contact us first so we can get you an exact shipping quote. 

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