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Watertight Cable Pass-through System

Blue Sea Cable Clam in 3 Sizes Blue Sea Cable Clam - 1001
Maximum Cable Diameter Approx. 0.35"

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Blue Sea Cable Clam - 1002
Maximum Cable Diameter 0.44" $19.95

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Blue Sea Cable Clam - 1003
Maximum Cable Diameter 0.56" $21.95

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Information on Blue Sea Cable Clams

Blue Sea Cable Clam Company makes a watertight tool that allows you to pass cables or wires through the wall of your kayak without sacrificing watertight integrity. This is truly a necessary item if you have to drill holes in your kayak. The holes are larger than the diameter of the cable usually over 1/2". It takes a cable clam to keep water out.

The cable clams also lock your wires in place so the amount needed is all that shows on top. The remainder of the wires are safe inside.

Why Use a Cable Clam?

Why would you need a clam on your sit on top fishing kayak? If you intend to mount a fish finder on your kayak you will want to run the wires through the kayak wall into the storage area located inside the forward hatch.

Inside this forward space is the perfect place to put your battery power supply for powering your fish finder. It is also the best place to mount your transducer so it can "shoot through the hull". It is super easy to do. Check out the link below.

Click Here to See How To Mount a Fish Finder Transducer Inside a Kayak.

Attaching a cable clam is real easy and will only take a few minutes. All you need are a few simple tools. The minimum tools need are listed below:

  • Electric Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Screw Driver
  • Sharp Knife or Razor Blade

More Information and Installation Instruction

If you need step by step directions on how to attach a cable clam, please see our page on Marine Cable Clam Installation and Facts

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