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Kayak Fishing Rod Leashes

32" Fishing Rod Leashes 4 Pack $22.95
Nylon Padeye and Tri-Fold Rivets

4 Nylon Padeyes FREE
8 Tri-Fold Rivets FREE

Our Paddle and Rod Leash Combo Packs

Paddle Leash and Rod Leashes - 3 Packs

36" Paddle Leash - 2 Rod Leashes $18.95
48" Paddle Leash - 2 Rod Leashes $19.95
Nylon Padeye and Tri-Fold Rivets

3 Nylon Padeyes FREE
6 Tri-Fold Rivets FREE

More Information on Fishing Rod Leashes

  • Each Fishing Rod Leash is 32" Long
  • Marine Grade Polyester Shock Cord
  • Highest UV Rating of Any Shock Cord Material
  • Velcro is Permanently Attached to Shock Corde 
  • Aluminum Alloy "No Rust" Carabiner
  • A Free Padeye and Tri-Fold Rivets for Each Leash

Kayak fishing rod leashes are worth their weight in gold. They will keep you from losing your expensive rod and reel over the side of your kayak.

Not long ago I was looking at a page called "You Might Be a Kayak Fisherman If..." and listed about 15 answers. Number 10 on the list was "... if you have at least one fishing rod sitting at the bottom of the lake, you might be a kayak fisherman." Sadly this is a true statement for many kayak fishermen. The article's comments at the bottom spoke of the heartache of losing a favorite rod and how they are now using rod leashes. Don't learn the hard way, leash your rods.

The photo shows several rod and reel combos found on the bottom of the Current River by Dr. Russell Scheirling of Mountain View, MO. This represents only a fraction of the rods that sit on the bottom of lakes and rivers everywhere.  Some rods and reels cost a small fortune, so protecting them is a must. (Photo taken by Russ James)

Many fishermen now days take multiple rods on their kayaks. Seeing someone with 4 to 6 rods is not at all uncommon. If you capsize your kayak, unless you are part octopus, there is no possible way to save all those rods. The easiest method is to leash them.

A Leader in Leash Innovation

Our kayak fishing rod leashes come with velcro that is permanently attached to the shock cord. We do this because rod leashes are taken on and off far more often than other leashes. Rods are often rigged with different lures for different situations. If you need a different rod or if you get a strike while trolling, all you need to do is rip the velcro off and toss it aside. No worries about losing the velcro.

The 32" leash is a perfect length for most kayaks. It is not too long to have a lot of loose cord in the way. The marine shock cord will stretch to 60 inches or more when extra length is needed.

The polyester shock cord has the highest UV rating of any shock cord material. I spoke to a lady in South Carolina who complained that UV rays ruin more of her leashes than any other cause. Our polyester jacket solves that problem. I have had a leash strapped to a fence post day and night for over 2 with no signs of any UV damage at all.

In addition, we tested the shock cord by hanging a 45 lb cinder block from it. There were no breaks or problems with the cord. 

We Love Custom Orders

We love to get custom orders. Customs orders for different lengths is accepted and often at no additional costs.

Note on Free Nylon Padeyes and Tri-Fold Rivets

Every kayak is different. Many kayaks do not come with padeyes attached and must be fitted with padeyes by the owner. To help get you started we have included 1 Free Padeye and Two Free Tri-Fold Rivets .  for each leash your order.

The padeyes and aluminum rivets are designed for kayaks and will not rust. The rivets are perfect for plastic and will fold into three long arms that lock firmly onto the kayak. The rivets are easily attached with a a 3/16" drill bit and a standard rivet gun with a 3/16" tip.

Note: We have included one padeye and two rivets for each leash. If you need more padeyes and rivets, Please See Padeyes and Rivets

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