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Our kayak paddle leashes are being used on the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific and  Atlantic, every state in the U.S.
and Other countries!

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Single Kayak Paddle Leash

36" Paddle Leash - Single - $8.95
48" Paddle Leash - Single - $9.95
Nylon Padeye and Tri-Fold Rivets

1 Nylon Padeye FREE
2 Tri-Fold Rivets FREE

Paddle Leash - 2 Pack

36" Paddle Leash - 2 Pack - $13.95
48" Paddle Leash - 2 Pack - $15.95
Nylon Padeye and Tri-Fold Rivets

2 Nylon Padeyes FREE
4 Tri-Fold Rivets FREE

Paddle Leash - 3 Pack

36" Paddle Leashes - 3 Pack - $18.95
48" Paddle Leashes - 3 Pack - $20.95
Nylon Padeye and Tri-Fold Rivets

3 Nylon Padeyes
6 Tri-Fold Rivets FREE

Our Kayak Paddle Leash Features

  • Each Paddle Leash Is Hand-Made
  • Pro Quality and Simple Design
  • 36" and 48" Lengths
  • Ultra High UV Resistant Polyester Shock Cord
  • "No Rust" Aluminum Alloy Carabiner
  • High Quality "Outdoor" Velcro Strip
  • One FREE Nylon Padeye and Two FREE Tri-Fold Rivets Per Leash
  • Designed for Years of Trouble Free Use
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Any Defects - Free Replacement
  • Please Contact Us With Any Questions

Paddle Leashes are Essential Safety Gear

A paddle leash is essential gear for your kayak. Leashes will keep your paddle attached to your kayak should you flip your kayak or completely capsize.  Always have one on hand whenever you are on the water.

These leashes weigh about an ounce or less and are designed to be unobtrusive. You will not even notice it when paddling. 

There are many reason why a person may lose their paddle. Some of these reason are described on our leash description page. However, rough water, rough waves, getting sideways in a swift river or surf and many other reasons. Every year kayakers have to be rescued in part because they lost contact with their paddle. Don't let this happen to you.

Remember, those who are new to kayaking, children, and those who are not great swimmers are among those who should always have a leash attached to their paddle. You don't want to be miles down river or hundreds of yards from shore and realize your paddle is missing. Always leash up for safety.

Free Nylon Padeye and Tri-Fold Rivets

Each package will include 1 Free Padeye and Two Free Tri-Fold Rivets.  We know that not all kayaks have padeyes installed and you need them to attach the leashes. Therefore, we help get you started with a single padeye and two tri-fold aluminum rivets.

The padeyes and aluminum rivets are designed for kayaks and will not rust. The rivets fold into three long arms that lock firmly onto the kayak. The rivets are easily attached with a a 3/16" drill bit and a standard rivet gun with a 3/16" tip.

Note: We provide one padeye and two rivets for each leash. If you need more padeyes and rivets, please see Padeyes and Rivets.

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