Information on Kayak Shipping

If you require shipping, we know that kayak shipping is just as important as every other aspect of purchasing a new kayak. We want to make it's as painless and easy as possible. 

We are currently experimenting with a new delivery system. We will be delivering you new kayak to you. 

How does this Kayak Shipping Method Work?

When you purchase a kayak and need it shipped, we will deliver it to you. When we deliver it, it will be delivered to your door or any place you desire. It will need to be signed for. We will not just drop it off and leave. Having us deliver will assure it will arrive in perfect shape. 

Problem with Commercial Trucking Deliveries

One of the major problems with commercial trucking companies performing kayak shipping is the high damage rate. This has actually forced some businesses away from selling kayaks. 

Kayak are large items that ship on 18 wheelers until they reach a hub close to your home. Then it is transferred to a smaller delivery truck. It may be transferred to different semi's along the way. Special instructions are in place for kayak shipping, such as, "It must be placed on top and nothing stacked on top of the kayak", "Two people need to move the kayak", "No forklifts", etc. But often it goes like this:

The warehouse worker will drag the kayak off the truck by any means possible without concern for any damage they may cause. Then it may be carried by forklift. Most kayak dealers have "no forklift" instructions, but hearing from major dealers, this instruction is often not adhered to. There have been times when a forklift blade is run through the side of a kayak. Getting some companies to pay claims is not easy. 

Therefore, we have decided to make it easier on our customers by shipping them ourselves. 

Costs and Methods of How We Ship Kayaks

We have an F-350 diesel truck that that will make the delivery for up to 4 kayaks. If you buy the kayak from us we only charge you the price one way for delivery up to 1000 miles. Any accessories are included in the cost. It is one cost for all the kayaks, not for each kayak. A trip of 1000 miles cost us approximately $300 in fuel at the time of this writing. For additional kayaks going to the same place we have an enclosed trailer that can carry up to 8 kayaks and lots of additional gear. 

If you purchase 3 kayaks, for example, you will be charged the fuel for one way, plus $25 each additional kayak. This covers the special care for each additional kayak. If you notice, this is a win situation for you. We absorb the cost for the return trip. 

Our Shipping Charges in Relation to Commercial Companies

We checked with FedEx, for example, to ship two kayak 1000 miles. The cost we were given was $1000 for them to deliver. Due to the damage rate, it is becoming extremely hard to find trucking companies to deliver kayaks.

We Provide "White Glove" Kayak Shipping Services

What is White Glove Services? Very few companies do this. 

This is something that only the best will do. Imagine an expensive hotel with gloved attendants, room service and candy chocolates on the pillow. You don't find that at cheap hotels. 

We will deliver your kayak, damage free, to your door or your designation and it will be unwrapped and then signed for. 

We Can Ship Kayaks Not Purchased from Us

If you are a dealer in our vicinity and need kayaks shipped, we can do that. We charge 1$ a mile for delivery plus $25 for each additional kayak. Contact us for more information.  

This kayak Shipping Method is Experimental and May Change and Legal Information

In accepting our services, you agree to these policies. This is purely experimental and may change. We may cancel this program or change prices at any time if it is not working out like we hope. If it is cancelled we will refund any costs that were paid for kayak shipping.

Once the kayaks are on our truck we will deliver them if possible. We will not be help responsible for weather or road conditions that do not allow us to delivery the kayaks on time. If you are not at home at the time we scheduled the delivery we can charge you an additional $75 a day or the expenses for a return trip if not deliverable.

We only will wrap in bubble wrap or plastic the new kayaks you purchase from us. Wrapping in plastic may not apply to used kayaks. We will deliver new and used kayaks. We are not responsible for any scratches to new or used kayaks since many come from the factory with slight imperfections or could have been scratched in delivery to us. 

We cannot be held liable for any undelivered kayak that are not in our possession. We have the final say as to whether we will deliver a kayak or accept a delivery. 

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