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Kayak Tether Leash
12 ft High Visibility

Kayak Tether Leash Order Page 12 ft. Kayak Tether Leash - High Visibility $18.95


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Kayak Tether Leash Characteristics

  • 12 ft rope is a perfect length when wade fishing
  • 1/4 inch diameter rope aquatic with a hefty 700 lb working load
  • Light weight high visibility orange rope with reflective tracers
  • Leashed kayak can be easily accessed for lures, catch bags and for safety
  • Rope floats so you always know where it is, especially when landing a fish
  • Large aluminum alloy "No Rust" carabiners

Tips and Techinques on Using the Leash

Tether leashes are important gear for every kayak fishermen, sea kayaker, or recreational kayak enthusiast.  A kayak leash will keep your kayak attached to you when you are wade fishing in rivers, lakes, bays or on the Gulf. It can also be used as an emergency tow line should someone need to be rescued. The rope we use is the same rope used in rescue throw lines. 

I have talked to many kayak fishermen who also love the sport of wade fishing. Many bays along the Gulf are well known as good wade fishing spots.  In the same way, here in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks there are a lot of crystal clear rivers traveled by Kayak fishermen. Once they navigate to a good fishing spot they get out of their kayak to stalk trout or bass. On brackish rivers and bays fishermen will kayak to their favorite spot and get out of their kayak to fish for red drum or sea trout.

If this is your style of fishing, you definitely need a tether leash.

Our Leashes Offer Peace of Mind

With your kayak attached to you, you have instant access to all your gear. This eliminates the need to keep your catch on a stringer attached to your belt. This can be quite risky as sharks have been known to grab your fish while they are attached to you.

Shark attacks are rare, but always a concern. When on the Gulf or ocean should you see a fin slicing the water you can quickly enter your kayak for safety. This is hard to do if your kayak is beached a 100 feet behind you.

The leash can also be used as an emergency tow rope should you need to tow another kayak to safety.

Using The Leash as an Emergency Tow Rope

There are several basic safety items each kayaker and kayak fisherman needs to have available. Safety equipment should be carried not only for your own sake, but for the sake of others who may need assistance.

A few basic items include:

  • A Loud Whistle
  • PFD Life Vest
  • GPS, Especially for Sea Kayaking
  • Phone or Satellite Phone
  • Water Filtration System or LifeStraw
  • Kayak Tether Leash or Tow Rope 

There may be other safety items needed depending on the season and location. However, the tether leash is essential if you ever need to assist someone or to tow someone back to shore. This could happen if someone loses their paddle, gets sick or is injured. A simple tether leash will fill in for the much more expensive, shock absorbing kayak tow ropes.

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