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RailBlaza Action Camera Adapter
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RailBlaza MiniPort Track Mount
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RailBlaza Adapters
Mounts for Cameras, Rods, Fish Finders and More

RailBlaza adapters come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. On this page we are offering two types: Action Camera Adapter and the Trac Mount Adapter.

Railblaza Company is a leading manufacturer of kayak accessories. Their motto is "Hold Everything". From Rod holders to camera mounts, you can't go wrong with Railblaza!

Check Out the Railblaza Camera Adapter

The camera adapter comes with standard three prong mount that works will all action cameras, including SJCams, GoPro Camera, and all of the knock-off brands of cameras. The starPort of the base of the camera adaptor fits any RailBlaza base.

This adapter for action cameras also fits on top of the RailBlaza Model 600 Camera Boom. Simply remove the camera platform and insert the adapter into the starport on top of the model 600.

The picture to the left shows a RailBlaza Camera Adapter seated inside the TracMount. TracMounts are designed to fit any standard kayak Trac system. The combined mounting system is low profile and can slide up and down the length of the kayak trac for a variety of views.

With an action camera attached to  the adapter it stands about 6 inches high. Many kayak fishermen will point the camera toward them so they can get paddling action as well as bringing fish into the kayak. You can also turn it towards the front of the kayak for a close to water view.

In addition, the camera adapter's star shaped base fits any RailBlaza StarPort. You can have several starports bases  attached at different spots on the kayak if you choose. This way you can attach the camera adaptor at any port for different views. 

StarPort Adapter for Sliding Tracks

The RailBlaza TracMount is designed to slide onto any standand kayak trac system. The tracs are designed for holding various types of gear and the RailBlaza TracMount easily fits onto them.

Simply loosen the metal slide on the bottom of the TracMount adapter and slide it onto the kayak trac system. When you along the trac where you want it the turn the TracMount until it is tight. Then snap in any RailBlaza accessory, lock it in and you are set. The RailBlaza tracMount is perfect for the camera adapter as seen in the photo above.

The TracMount is perfect where light to medium pressure will be exerted. This means it is perfect for holding accessories like camera adapters, camera booms, utility trays, or just about any type of accessory.

However, if you have a RailBlaza fishing rod holder, the rod holder will fit perfectly into the TracMount adapter. Keep in mind that if you will be using your rod holder for trolling or for holding the rod when fishing for catfish, or holding the rod when ocean fishing, we recommend using one of the StarPort bases. This is because the starPort bases have multiple screw/bolt attachment points and will have much more strength should you hook into a large fish.

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