RailBlaza TracPort
Multi-Accessory Mounting System

RailBlaza TracPort Accessory Mounting System
RailBlaza TracPort 350 w/ Three StarPorts
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RailBlaza TracPort Specifics

RailBlaza TracPort makes the most efficient use of space. Here is what you get:

  • 14" Anodized Aluminum Base
  • 14" UV stabilized Fiberglass Reinforced Locking Slide
  • 3 UV Stabilized Round Universal StarPorts with Caps
  • 2 Mounting StarPort Adapters 
  • Gasket – UV stabilised TPE Rubber
  • All Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Comes in TracPort 350 and TracPort 500
  • Easily Removed at the End of the Day to Keep Gear Safe and Secured
  • See Video Below

Note: Unless Supplied in an offer, the standard kit doesn't include the Railblaza StarPort Base for fastening the TracPort  onto the kayak deck. Please see our offers. 

Click here to see our Railblaza Starport Bases.

Why You Need a TracPort

Small boats do not mean less gear. As kayak fishermen, we know just how much gear we need to bring to handle the fish we pursue. TracPorts make it much easier since we often carry:

  • Multiple Fishing Rod
  • Fish Finder
  • GPS
  • Tool Caddy for scissors, hook remover, knife, etc
  • Drink
  • Gaf
  • Net
  • Camera
  • and a lot more

All these items and more need to be within reaching distance. Managing multiple items in small spaces requires practical and useful equipment. The RailBlaza TracPort is just such and item. 

The tracPort comes with three round StarPort Bases that are universal to all the RailBlaza equipment. All the RailBlaza equipment comes with a star-shaped adapter that fits into the base. 

2 Starport Adapters

To mount the TracPort to the kayak, the kit is supplied with two (2) Starport kayak mounting adapters. These adapters hang down from the bottom of the rail. The photo shows what it would look like with one adapter attached to a Starport Base, but for more rigid installation we recommend using both supplied adapters. 

Common Ways to Use the TracPort:

  • Mount RailBlaza Rod Holders Positioned in the Forward Cockpit
  • Mount Three Railblaza Rod Holders 
  • Mount Fisher and GPS/Satellite Phone
  • Mount Fish Finder and Rod Holders
  • Mount Lights for Night Fishing
  • Any Number of Variations 

TracPort 350 and 500 Product Video

TracPort 350 Package

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