Fishing Rod Floats 

YakGear Rod Floats 3 Pack
Yak-Gear Rod Floats 3 Pack
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Fishing Rod Floats Features

  • Eight Inches Long
  • Three Colors in a Package
  • Red, Yelllow, Blue
  • Attaches with Velcro Straps
  • For Ultra-Lights, Baitcasters, Spinning Combos
  • Attaches and Straps in Less Than a Minute
  • Can Afford to Be Without a Float or Leash

Fishing rod floats are the easiest way to protect your rods. They are small, but important. One of my rod/reel combos alone is over $300. So, whether you have one rod on your kayak or 6, there is nothing more painful than to see one sink to the bottom. If you capsize you can lose everything. That can run into the hundreds of dollars or more. 

Protecting your investment is so easy. With three to a package rod protectors, simply press the float over the rod between the reel and the first guide. Then use the one-wrap velcro to secure the float to the rod. 

Why Use a Rod Float

Kayaking is a wet sport. There is always a chance you can capsize or lose a rod. There are thousands of fishing rods sitting at the bottom of the ocean, lakes and rivers. Rod floats are just one way to ensure yours do not add to the list. 

Rod Floats Vs Rod Leashes

Rod leashes attach to the rod while the other end is attached to the kayak. It keeps your rods attached to the kayak in the event of a capsize or accidentally losing your rod over the side. Simply grab the leash and pull in the rod. The problem with rod leashes is that you may find it hard to fish with them attached to the rod. So, my rod leashes come with permanently attached velcro so they can be removed without losing the velcro strip.

The floats are attached to the rod and will keep the rod on top of the water should it go over the side. You don't have a leash attached so the rod with float can be used while you are fishing. 

Many fishermen use rod leashes in conjunction with rod floats on their expensive reel/ rod combinations. One keeps the rod attached to the kayak while crashing through the surf or on swift rivers, while the other makes sure it floats, especially when the rod is not attached to the leash. 

Don't be on the water without safety equipment, not only for yourself, but for your gear. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind. 

Always test your rod and float combo to ensure it will be adequate. Heavy salt water combos should not be used before testing to ensure the float works. Most large diameter saltwater rods are too thick and will not work with this system.  

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