SJ4000Plus 2K with Wifi and Gyro
Super Fast Resolution Up to 120fps
Gyro Image Stabilization

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Extreme sports and conditions require extreme cameras. The SJCAMPlus meets that requirement. This original SJCAM camcorder comes with wifi, gyro stabilization, and fast video resolution up to 120fps. (Sailfish Photo by Stockphotos Mania)

Kayak anglers are extreme fishermen. The sport often requires an extreme camera. With this camera you will never miss the action in any conditions. In addition, many kayak fishermen are involved in other extreme sports as well, including skydiving, scuba diving, extreme biking. If that is the case, you need to check out this camera. You can use it for all of your sporting adventures.

Order SJ4000Plus Here SJ4000Plus with wifi and Gyro Stabilization
Retail Price - $159.00 - Your Price - $129.00

Package Contains Camera Plus Many Accessories Including Helmet Attachment, Bike Attachment, Underwater Housing, Belt Attachment, and Several Others.

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SJ4000Plus 2K with Gyro Stabilization
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SJ4000Plus Features

Whether you are on a once in a lifetime fishing trip or fishing the familiar waters of a local lake or river, you can't afford to go with a cheapo  discount camera. You need the best action camera on the market. While it was the SJ4000 that made SJCAM famous, they have since produced many upgraded camera models with advanced features. The SJ4000Plus is one of them. 

Here are just some of the standard features of this camera:

  • 12 Meg Pixels CMOS Censor
  • 1.5" LED Display Screen
  • Video Resolution - 2K 2560*1440@30fps; 1920*1080@60fps; 1920*1080@30fps; 1080*720@120fps
  • Video Compression Format- H.264
  • Image/Video File Format - Video Format MP4 / Image Format JPG
  • Zoom: 4X
  • Lens: 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • HD Digital Motion Activation Mode
  • 12 Meg Single to Multiple Shot Image Mode
  • Multiple Pages of Menu Setting to Fit Any Situation
  • Memory: Slot for up to 32gb MicroSD Card
  • Connecting Cord: USB 2.0
  • Battery Life: 80 Minutes
  • Manufacturer One Year Limited Warranty

List of the Accessories that Come with the SJ4000Plus 2K wifi and Gyro

1 x SJCAM SJ4000+ WiFi Sports DV with Gyro
1 Waterproof Case for SJ4000Plus
2 x Base1 x Fixed Base
3 x Switch Support
1 x Bicycle Support
2 x Bandage
2 x 3M Sticker
1 x USB Cable
1 x Wiper
1 x Adaptor
1 x Clip
1 x Helmet Mount
1 x Backup Back Cover of Waterproof Case
1 x English User Manual

Why Choose SJCAM

Kayak fishing is a wet sport. You need a camera that can handle the elements, whether it is the salt spray from a breaking wave or when placed under the water to video your fish as you reel it in closer to the boat. You can't beat this camera. It will go where you can and even places where you can't.

When fighting fish, kayaks can be shaking and bobbing in the water. The Gyro on the SJ4000 will stabilize the movements while you are busy with the fish. It is an amazing tool.  

You can operate all the functions of the camera while it is inside the waterproof case. Menu setting, starting the video, place back, etc. Just about everything you need to do can be done while in the case. However, it can be taken out of the case and put in a mount to use indoors or where moisture is not an issue. 

Charging the battery must be done when the camera is outside of the waterproof case. You can attach the charger directly to the camera and continue videoing if you desire. Check out all of our SJCAM camcorders. 

Many companies have tried to clone the SJCAM camcorders producing fake SJCAM cameras. You see them online everywhere, especially the SJ4000. They even use the SJCAM name in their advertising, but that name is found no where on the camera itself or packaging. Many people thinking they were buying an actual SJ camera, later found they purchased a fake.  We offer only Certified as original SJCAMs and receive them directly from the factory. The Certification Proof is on every box. 

How to Use Wifi

  • Your camera can connect to a mobile phone with Android or IOS system and also a computer with wifi.
  • You can control the camera remotely using your phone to download video or photos and more.
  • Download and Install the SJCAM software onto you phone by searching SJCAM via Google Play or your App Store on your phone.
  • You may need to restart your computer. Then press wifi on your camera, wifi icon will display on phone- SJ4000wifi.
  • Use you phone to connect to SJ4000wifi, initial password "12345678" will display on camera screen.
  • When Wifi is connected, Wifi Connection Ready will display on camera.
  • You can also search Youtube for videos instruction on wifi connections.

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