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Original SJ5000wifi Action Camera
Original SJ5000wifi Action Camera
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Original SJ5000wifi Info and Specs

Product Specifications

  • Photo Shows Standard Included Accessories
  • Novatek 96655 + Panasonic MN34110PA 14MP CMOS
  • 2.0 inch Ultra HD screen show video of shooting
  • Multiple video recording formats: 1080P 720P WVGA
  • Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot, Multi-Shot, Time-lapse 
  • Wi-Fi Function via Computer, Android or iOS Device
  • A water-resistant case allows you to film underwater down to 30 meters
  • Removable battery
  • Support vehicle-mounted recording (car dashboard cam)
  • 170 degree ultra orthoscopic lens 
  • Support HDMI HD output and USB-AV video output
  • Can be used as a Web camera
  • Supports Micro SD Card Class 6 or Above up to 32
  • Multiple menu functions to completely customize the camera
  • Can video while charging
  • Video encryption feature so only authorized people can view videos

What Comes in the Package

1 x SJ5000 WiFi Action Camera
1 x Waterproof Housing
1 x Quick Release Buckle
1 x Housing Backdoor with Holes
1 x Handlebar Seatpost Mount
1 x Curved Adhesive Mount for Helmets, etc
1 x Flat Adhesive Mount
1 x 3-Way Pivot Arm Mount
2 x 3M Adhesive Tape
1 x Frame Mount
1 x Quick Release Clip for The Frame
1 x Vertical Quick Release J-Hook Buckle
1 x Universal 1/4" Camera Tripod Mount
1 x Tripod Mount Adapter
1 x Protective Soft Silicone Lens Cap Cover
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x USB Cable
1 x 900mAh Li-ion Battery
1 x English and Multi-language Manual
FREE 40" camera selfie pole with phone adapter

Why Choose SJCam

Kayaking is an exciting and wet sport. To catch the action you need a camera that can handle anything you choose to do. The SJ5000wifi fits the bill and is the perfect all seasons outdoor action camera. The included waterproof housing keeps your camera dry down to 30 meters underwater. (98.4 ft) As a certified scuba diver, I can tell you that 30 meters is the limit that most scuba divers will ever attempt to go. Unless you are a record-holding free diver, fishing from a kayak, you will never come close to that depth.

Therefore, whether you are crashing through the surf or get caught in the rain or even if you should flip your kayak, you have no worries. The camera will catch it all and keep on going. 

Improvements Over SJ4000wifi

The SJCAM 5000wifi has an advanced Panasonic MN34110PA 14MP sensor. (The SJ4000 uses the Aptina0330 sensor). The Panasonic sensor will be much better in low light conditions, meaning underwater shots as well. While the Aptina0330 sensor is quite good, the SJ5000 sensor is just all around better. There are other camera advancements as well. 

Uses for SJCAM Cameras

  • Camera Boom or Mounts: You can attach the camera to our RailBlaza Camera Boom or one of the shorter camera mounts and attach it to your kayak or boat. With the boom you can film over the head of the kayaker or any 360 degree angle. 
  • Helmet Attachment: You can use the helmet attachment included with the camera to film in any direction your head turns while kayaking, skydiving, biking or motorcycle helmets.
  • Handlebar Bike Mount: Attach the bike mount and you can capture the action while mountain biking.
  • Underwater Filming: Place the camera inside the underwater housing and you can capture anything going on below the surface. Use the free selfie pole to film beneath your kayak as you are working your fish. 
  • Tripod Mount: Use the included tripod mount to attach your camera to any tripod or monopod for family outings, parties or outdoor activities.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with GoPro accessories 
  • Other Accessories: Dozens of aftermarket accessories for even more uses.

Beware of SJCAM Fakes

We sell only Original SJCAM cameras. However, due to the popularity of SJCAM camera. There are many fake SJCAMS on the market. In fact, in their listings they even say it is a SJ4000 in an attempt to capitalize on its popularity, however the camera itself will not say SJCAM on it anywhere. 

These companies are producing SJ4000 Fakes, often called "Clones". They look just like the SJ4000, but do not have the words "SJCam" or "SJ4000", SJ5000" on the camera box or camera itself. This is important to know because many have thought they were purchasing an original SJCamcorder only later to find it was a fake.

If you purchase a SJCAM fake you will get a camera that uses lower quality components. There is often no filmware upgrades and no warranty. Most people will tell you the quality is much lower. Always buy the original. 

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