Viking Profish 400 Kayak

Viking Profish 400 Kayak - Lava and Kiwi Colors
Viking Profish 400 Kayak 13'5"
Includes Deluxe Seat and 2 Rod Holders
Adjustable Length Touring Paddle
Lava and Kiwi Color

List Price = $1100.00 - Your Price = $999.00


From long offshore excursions to inshore recreational paddles, the lightweight Profish 400 is suitable for any paddling experience. It is made with the latest technology virgin linear medium density polyethylene. Due to this technology, we are able to have a much lighter boat, yet stronger and stiffer than the cheaper material of low cost kayaks. 

The Viking Profish 400 is the perfect choice for those looking for the best of both worlds. It is noticeably lighter than other kayaks of the same length, yet has professional features expected on a high quality kayak. Here are some of the major key characteristics: 

Viking Profish 400 Characteristics

Length: 13' 6" in length
Width: 32.75"
Weight: 61 lbs
Carrying Capacity: 385 lbs
Color: Kiwi (Green and Black) and Lava (Red and Black)

This exceptional kayak was born in New Zealand, a large island in the South Pacific. Because if this, it was made with the ability to handle what nature throws at it. From calm bays and rivers to beyond the breakers for large game fish. 

The was designed for stability and ease of paddling. 
The 400 hull has been developed to provide excellent stability using flat chines and paddling comfort is assisted by a scalloped freeboard at the thighs, which allow an extremely efficient paddle stroke to be used. This kayak was designed for those wanting a lighter boat for ease in loading and handling on dry land while having great features of a good fishing kayak. 

The tackle pod has an easy open and locking lid to hold your important gear. It also has a recess on the underside of the kayak for holding a fish finder transducer. The lid on the pod is the perfect place for mounting your fish finder. 

The kayak is rudder ready. The Viking Kayak Rudder System is unique in the it doesn't extend below the bottom of the kayak. In addition it is a fully functional rudder. The rudder is controlled by your feet and turns left and right to assist in guiding the kayak. When the wind is blowing you can move the rudder to keep you going in one specific direction or to turn the kayak without adjusting your stroke. No more corrective strokes to keep the kayak going where you want it to go. 

Here are the standard features:

Two Flush Mount Rod Holders Behind the Seat
Viking SeatTankwell Bungee
Pod Cover
Pro Adjustable Kayak Paddle (Available Only Though Hammerhead Kayak Supply)
Rudder Ready
If you are ready to step up to Viking Kayaks mid-length kayak, give me a call. If we don't have one in stock we can get it! 

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