Viking Profish Reload Kayak

Viking Profish Reload Kayak - Daybreak
Viking Profish Reload Kayak 14'8"
Includes Deluxe Seat and 4 Rod Holders
Daybreak Color

List Price = $1599.00 - Your Price = $1499.00


Viking Profish Reload Kayak - Dorado
Viking Profish Reload Kayak 14'8"
Includes Deluxe Seat and 4 Rod Holders
Dorado Color

List Price = $1599.00 - Your Price = $1499.00


All Kayaks Come with
a Pro Fiberglass Shaft Touring Paddle 33oz Free
($98 Retail Value)

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Viking Profish Reload Kayak
Specifications and Features

Important Update On Viking Kayaks

Important: All Viking Reload Kayaks will come standard with the foot control rudder. This is a major advantage. The foot controlled rudder helps the kayak turn effortlessly, while paddling forward and backward. It is approximately a $200 feature included as standard equipment.  

Check back soon. Viking is working on a Bixpy Jet Motor that moves the kayak effortlessly though the water - No more paddling!

Give me a call if you would like to take one out for a test ride. 

The Viking Profish Reload Kayak is the flagship of the Viking line. 

Born on the island of New Zealand, Viking kayaks were tested and proven on the ocean waters surrounding the Islands. The Reload is a fast, stable kayak that can handle the surf, swells and breakers of the Gulf and oceans with extra large scupper holes to let water out fast. While some kayaks are only "calm water kayaks", the Viking is good on calm waters or just about any on lakes, rivers, salt marshes or oceans. 

The hull of the Reload is designed for cutting through the water. Because of the design you can quickly get up to speed and maintain it easily. 

At a length of 14'8" and a width of only 29" you get the best two worlds: the speed of a sea kayak and the stability of a fishing kayak. You can cover more ground faster with less effort than many other kayaks. 

Removable Tackle Pod

Every Reload (as well as the Viking GT) has a large removable tackle pod. No more worrying about someone stealing your fish finder or gear. Just pull it out at the end of the day. The Reload and GT Tackle Pods are interchangeable. This is a feature of many advanced kayaks and a feature you will be thrilled over. 

It has a wooden lid cover on the end closest to the seat. This provides a flat sturdy surface for working and cutting bait. The lid is a cover for the storage area beneath that can be used for lures, fish grips, knives, line, etc. I used mine to hold my fish finder battery system and gear that I will be using during the day. 

The back side top of the tackle pod is designed for mounting a fish finder. What is exceptionally cool about the tackle pod is that it includes an area to mount the transducer where it is both protected and has constant water contact. The transducer mounting location is large enough for today's advanced fish finders. It easily accommodates the larger transducer such as the Humminbird Helix 5 DI/SI like I use.

Since the transducer has constant water contact there is no need for using Duct Seal for "through the hull" transducer mounting. 

The entire tackle pod along with the fish finder and battery system, is easily removed at the end of the day for safety and security reason. Many kayak owners are putting expensive, advanced fish finders on their kayaks. No more worries about people stealing your electronics. Simple take it with you into the hotel or store it in the vehicle when away from home. The tackle pod is interchangeable with both the Viking Profish Reload and Viking Profish GT kayaks. 

Viking Seat

Viking has a comfortable high back seat that is standard equipment for all Viking Kayaks. A comfortable seat is extremely important when spending hours on the water. With plenty of padding and a wide back this seat gives you ample support. Adjustable straps allow you to position the seat in unlimited positions for maximum lumbar support. Whether you are sitting sideways with your feet in the water or forward, this is the seat for you. It is included free with a kayak purchase. 

Large Forward Hatch

The Reload has a large forward hatch that can be used to stow dry bags, sleeping bag, C-Tug Kayak Cart, or other gear.

3 Bucket Hatches

The Reload comes with three bucket hatches with 1/4 turn screw tops. There is one directly in front of the seat and two behind the seat. They are watertight and can hold small dry bags, lures or bait, braid scissors or anything that needs to be in an easily accessible, secure storage area. I use the front hatch as a secure place to put lures after a lure change. I have had lures stuck in my leg before and this prevents that problem. 

Sleek Design

Designed for speed and comfort, the hull is designed to cut through surf and waves with enough stability to handle the fishing conditions you are most likely to encounter. Perfect for big water and big rivers. The Reload is considered one of the fastest sit on top kayaks. Great for long distance paddling and kayak races as well.

Viking Profish Reload Accessories

Chill Pod

Designed to fit behind the seat, this is a great item to have. The chill pod is a cold storage box that opens in the front and allows you to put your fish inside. It attaches securely so it cannot fall out regardless of the conditions of the water or surf. Fill the chill pod with ice before fishing, it will keep your fish cold for hours on end. The great news - no more hanging fish over the side to attract sharks. Yea!

Others use it for storing ice and water and food when out fishing. It works well and can have many uses. 

Fish Bag

The Viking Fish Bag is shaped perfectly to fit inside the tank well behind the seat. It secures tightly and is fastened in so it cannot accidentally fall out. 

Flush Mount Rod Holders

If you purchase your kayak from us you get 4 flush mount rod holders - two in front of the seat and two behind the seat. I personally use the front rod holders for getting the rod out of the way when changing lures and but especially for trolling. They are positioned perfectly for watching the pole if you get a strike. 

You can also add Railblaza Rod holders or other accessories. 

Foot Controlled Rudder (Now Included as Standard Equipment)

The Viking Reload and GT kayaks can be purchased with a foot-controlled ruddder. Most rudders have only one purpose - they are designed to keep you going straight in wind. Viking Profish rudders will do that but will also help you to turn. Want to turn left, press the left rudder foot control lever down. Turn right, press the right rudder foot control lever down. You will go straight if that is what you want, but can turn sharper with less effort.  Once you use a rudder, you will not want to kayak without it. 

RailBlaza  HD StarPort Base

The Viking Profish Reload comes equipped with a Railblaza HD Starpot to hold a action camera boom or orange safety flag. 

RailBlaza makes a lot of cool accessories including camera booms, rod holders, safety flags and more. They have one thing in common - they all need a StarPort Base to hold them. They come in both round or rectangle bases. 

New Accessories Coming

Viking is working on a live bait tank with air. As soon as it is available I will definitely get it on here. 

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