An Easy Way To Clean Pans

Everyone has looked for an easy way to clean pans at one time or another. There are many chemicals or scrub pads that can be purchased, but I have found a way that cleans dirty pans using a household item most people already have.

Cleaning pans with modern Teflon coatings is pretty easy when the pan is new. However, not all pans have Teflon and many people do not like using Teflon anyway. 

Pans are hard enough to clean at home when you have everything you need, but what about when you are out camping? Again, I have found an easy way to clean pans. Here it is!

The Secret to The Easy Way To Clean Pans

The secret to the easy way to clean pans is a "used" dryer sheet. For whatever reason a new dryer sheet will not work. It has to be used. One that has already been though the dryer cycle. 

I don't know if this will work with natural dryer sheets or homemade dryer sheets. I just know it works with the commercial dryer sheets. 

After you have cleaned the pan with soap and water, if it is not clean, simply put the used dryer sheet in the dirty pan and add some water. Allow the dryer sheet to sit in the pan for a minute or two and then use the dryer sheet as a scrub pad and within seconds the pan will be clean. 

I never really believed this until i actually tried it. I had a pan that I couldn't get clean and even used a scrub pad on it. I remembered about the dryer sheet and fished one out of the trash. Man, did it work! 

I am not for certain if all dryer sheet brands will work, but ours did. Since I had not received any information on any certain types I assumed they would all work. 

So, don't throw away those used dryer sheets. Keep them under the cabinet and when you have a pan or pot that you can't seem to get clean, pull out one of the dryer sheets. 

Bringing used dryer sheets camping can actually save you a lot of time and also keep you from having to bring a lot of cleaning supplies. Just bring what you need and also a container of used dryer sheets and some water and you are on your way to a much simpler and more enjoyable camping experience. 

Good fishing and tight lines.

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