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Hammerhead Kayak Supply invites you to look over our legal information page. We are a resource for for the promotion and enjoyment of recreation kayaking activities and safety information. We are not attorneys, therefore, nothing on this site, including articles on kayaking safety is to be taken as strict legal advice.

Understanding the Risks Involved in Kayaking

Since we have no way of knowing how or in what manner the reader intends to use the information contained in this site, we accept no liability for any damages whatsoever from the use, whether intentional or unintentional use or misuse, of any information contained therein.

Kayaking, whether in lakes, rivers, or on the ocean can be dangerous. Every year people are killed or injured from kayaking activities. Anyone who decides to engage in any kayaking activity must accept the risks involved. A person also must ensure he/she is healthy enough to handle all the physical stresses of kayaking or any unforeseen difficulties that may arise. All those who wish to engage in kayaking, kayak fishing, or whitewater kayaking should consult a physician before engaging in this activity.

One should be aware that while kayaking the weather can change quickly and a leisurely outing can become a battle to get back to shore. Such things should be considered before going out.

If you are new to kayaking you should seek instruction from a qualified expert who is skilled in all types of kayaking. Be aware the type of kayak you own may require additional skills to stay safe, including "rolling" and "deep water reentry", plus other skills. Never launch without proper safety equipment including life vests, whistle, rescue bag or other equipment your location requires.

Hammerhead Kayak Supply offers for sale many items used in kayak fishing and kayaking activities. These are intended for recreational purposes and are not designed for professional use. Such items include paddle and rod leashes, fishing equipment, etc. The user of these items accepts all risks for how they are used and for their use and to ensure they have adequate knowledge and skills to use them correctly. The user needs to ensure the equipment is in good shape and is able to perform as intended. If in doubt do not use the equipment. Hammerhead Kayak Supply cannot be held responsible for any failure of equipment since the user is responsible for its care and use.

In addition, the decision to implement any information found at Hammerhead Kayak Supply or from its newsletters, blogs, etc is the sole decision of the reader.

Hammerhead Kayak Supply tries hard to ensure the information provided to you is accurate and correct. However, there may be unintentional errors. If we see them or if they are pointed out to us, we will make every effort to verify the error and to correct them.

Hammerhead Kayak Supply makes no guarantees and accepts no liability for inaccuracies or errors this website may contain whether posted by staff or by users, directly or indirectly related to this site. Again, it is our pledge to always try hard to give updated and accurate information.

Thank you for visiting our legal information page and please continue reading through our site.

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