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Hammerhead Kayak Supply is Changing

Hammerhead Kayak Supply is changing. We are retiring the kayak supply business mainly because I am retiring and relocating to the Gulf Coast. But we will be redesigning the website into something a little different. We will be turning fishermen's trophy catches in mounts to hang on your wall. 

To do this we are using blanks of the size and type of fish you caught where we duplicate the catch exactly. This way all we will need from you is a photograph of the catch. You can then release it back into the water or take it home. Either way you will be presented with your mount to proudly display. This should start after we move down to the coast this year. Keep watching for new developments. 

Tight lines, my friend.

Russ James  <ᵒ)))<

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Hammerhead Kayak Supply exists to promote the joy of kayaking and kayak fishing around the world and to offer equipment and kayak gear to match your fishing style.
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Speak Cajun words like a Local
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