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Kayaking and kayak fishing are incredibly rewarding sports and thousands every year are discovering its challenges and joys. Hammerhead Kayak Supply was started to provide fishing and safety know-how as well as fishing gear for kayak anglers everywhere.

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450 lb Black Marlin from a Kayak

Adam Fisk, a pro kayak fisherman, made history by catching the largest marlin over caught from a kayak. This is amazing! Check out the video!

Los Buzos, down in Panama, is a fantastic place for kayak fishermen. If you ever wondered about what it takes to land big fish from a kayak, check out his website. Adam knows what he is doing. One of my goals is to see beginners get to the point where they can fish with confidence catching fish they never dreamed they could catch from a kayak.

I hope to make it down to Panama while I am still young enough and able. So within the next 10 years :).

Congrats to Adam and good fishing to all.

Click Here for Adam's Page for More Info and Marlin Photos

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Fishing Louisiana Coast

Fishing Louisiana Coast and Marshes are the best in the world. Find out where the hot spots are.

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Kayak Fishing Photos

Kayak Fishing Photos with Viking Kayaks

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Congratulation to Greg Z. with His New Viking Reload

Ryan Ford with Greg Z. Picking UP New Viking Reload

I just wanted to congratulate our newest Viking Reload Owner, Greg Z. from Kansas. We made arrangements for Greg to pick up his new Reload in Oklahoma from the U.S. Distributor, Ryan Ford.

Viking kayaks are made in New Zealand and are designed specifically for fishing. The "Reload" is Viking Kayak's top model that comes standard with a foot controlled rudder. The rudder actually turns the kayak and is not just for tracking in wind as most rudders.

It also comes standard with a removable tackle pod that is designed with a space for a transducer to sit in a protected slot in the water. This is a wonderful piece of equipment where at the end of the day you can lift out the entire tackle pod, fish finder, transducer and all and take it to a secure place.

We know Greg will get a lot of use and enjoyment from the Viking Reload.

Good fishing and tight lines to all

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Facts About Hawaii

Did you know that Hawaii is the most isolated group of islands in the world? It sits in the middle of the Pacific ocean thousands of miles from any mainland.

The Hawaiian Island chain consists of over 1000 islands, the furthest one being "Midway Island". Midway is where a major sea battle was fought in WWII.

In fact, it is so isolated that 89% of the native plants on the Hawaiian islands are found no where else in the world.

Hawaii does NOT rest on any spot along the "Ring of Fire", or Deep Ocean Ridge, which is a volcanic ring that runs around the world under every ocean. This is responsible for many if not most of the islands in the world. Instead, they were formed along a hot spot of volcanic activity far away from other major volcanic spots.

If it wasn't for this hot spot, there would be no Hawaiian Islands.

I have many customers in Hawaii and I myself lived there years ago. Good fishing to all my friends and anyone who plans on visiting there soon!

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9 lb Missouri Bass

9 lb Missouri Bass

Earlier this spring while fishing on a small Missouri lake I caught a nice 9 lb bass. The next day I caught one that weight 8.85 lbs. Not a bad haul for two days of fishing. All together I caught about 8 bass, most in the 2 lb - 4 lb range.

Going fishing the first of the two days was a last minute decision and I got there about noon. It was cold but the sun was shining brightly. I was using a 3/8 oz Justice Jig with rattle-chunk trailer in about 3 ft to 8 ft of water. These jigs work well and resemble a crawfish. The claws float in an upward, natural position which the bass couldn't resist.

On the second day I caught the 8.85 lb bass on the first cast using the same type of jig. I released all the fish I caught so they could spawn. They will be there to grow a little more and maybe I will catch them again on another day.

I hope your spring is going well and good fishing to you all.

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The Easy Way To Clean Pans

Here is an easy way to clean pans without using chemicals or scrubbers.

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Kayak Colors and Kayak Visibility

Cheryl with a Small Bass

Kayak Visibility is more important than most people think. This is because the kayak you see when you are purchasing one is not the same color you see on the water. What?? That is what you are thinking, right?

My wife has a Wilderness Systems "Ride" 13.5 ft long. It is mostly red and black and is a really nice looking kayak.

Did you know that at a distance dark colors fade and the red and black kayak looks solidly dark grey from a distance. When my wife is 100 plus yards away, I usually can't see her kayak, so the first thing I look for is her white paddles. When I see them going up and down I am usually then able to see her kayak.

A dark colored kayak that has faded into neutral colors blend into the background. The background could be water or the bank.

A boat doing 45 mph can cover a lot of distance quickly and kayak visibility becomes even more important. If a cute girl in a bikini gets the boat drivers attention he can be right on top of the kayak before he realizes it. If he didn't see you because he was more than a 100 yards away, he will have no reason to be watching for you if something else catches his attention.

I have written many articles on kayak visibility and am aware of it. But, even with that knowledge when in my bass boat, I have often come up quickly on kayaks that were hard to see, often times within 30 or 40 yards before I saw them. Never assume a boat sees you.

You can't rely on kayak color alone to save you. You need other things so kayak visibility is less of a problem.

  • White or Yellow Paddle Blades
  • Bright Colored Clothing
  • Lights at Night
  • Orange Safety Whip Flag
  • Bright Colored Kayaks

For more information on Kayak Visibility, Click Here.

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Alligators and Sharks Meet in the Saltwater Marsh

Do alligators and sharks live in the same waters? Find Out and Also What Happens.

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Speak Cajun words like a Local

If you go to Louisiana, here are a few cajun words to help you have a better experience.

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Testing Cold Water or Winter Kayak Fishing Outer Wear

In winter kayaking, the most important thing you can prepare for is the chance you might fall into the water. Make no mistake, if you do fall in, the only thing you think about is getting out. Just the thought of it sends chills down my spine.

Winter is a great time for kayaking, but comes with risks. Those risks are far greater than most risks you may encounter in summer. No one plans to end up in the water, but you must plan for it just in case.

Let me give you another example of the importance of dressing properly: Like some of you, I am an avid motorcycle rider. Ever wondered why we wear thick leather jackets? When I am on my Goldwing, the rule is you should "dress for the slide". (Cycling term for falling off the bike when in motion) No, no one ever plans on it but you must dress for it. It is the same in winter kayaking.

The video below shows three ways of dressing for winter kayaking and how they perform in water. Check it out. If you ever wondered what works best, well here it is.

Shared also on my website: Lawn Care Academy

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Setting Up a Grapnel Anchor

Setting up a grapnel anchor the right way for kayak fishing is important. Here's how.

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Louisiana Marsh Eco Touring

Kayaking the Louisiana marsh and swamps are a photographers dream. Take a self-guided tour for amazing wildlife.

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Why Hire a Fishing Guide?

Hiring a fishing guide can be the difference between a fun day and a fantastic day of fishing. What to look for in a guide.

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Redfish Fishing - Texas Style

Redfish Fishing at Rockport, Texas with guide Ryan Ford.

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